The Big Tire

*Note, I made up the dialog on this, but the story is true.*

Hmmmm....something to give a long speech about...a story.Why yes, a story.All good fellows like a good story eh? Ok, who likes big tires??? Well do I have a story about that! Ok, back in my dad's day (the day of records and Green couches), him and a bunch of neighborhood friends were hanging out in a school yard.Let me add that this is during the middle of the summer, so summer boredom is way kicked in.These kids were looking for ANYthing to do.So anyways....while the boys are trudging around the school yard trying to find something amusing, someone gets an idea! "Hey you think we could all lift up that huge monster truck tire and get it rollin'?Huh huh huh...".Blown away by the one boys quiery, they all( like 10 or 15 of them) ran over to the huge monster truck wheel and heaved and hoed.Bodies tensed, they managed to raise a side of the tire up....and up....and up....and UP. "Huh huh, hey!We got it up!Whoooohoooo!!" -the boys cheered."Hey, lets make it roll...ya, ya, MAKE it roll!!!!", one boy shouted.Excited and riled up, they all agreed and began pushing the very large,heavy,huge,gigantic tire.Around and around it went...across the schoolyard; none of the boys considering how or when to stop the rolling mass of rubber.After a little while of pushing across the yard, boys started stopping one by one because they were tired of running...THE DAMN TIRE was out running them! Soon, no one was pushing the Titanic tire! The boys stood in a bunch as they watched the tire roll and roll and gain even more speed. "Uh, hey Larry, when's it gonna stop?" ......*period of silence*........"Holy CRAP Johnny! FOr the love of all that's sacred, THAT tire ISN'T STOPPING!!!!" All at once the boys realized the reallity and horror of what was happening and what was about to happen."Hey Larry, it's coming up to the fence, the fence will stop it, right? right???" Rolling, rolling, rolling, faster, faster, faster, the tire rolled right through the fence and onto the road.By that point, all the hairs on each one of them boys' backs were straight up.All together, they watched the tire roll down the street.And it just so happens, the street turned into a hill....a BIG hill, thus the BIG tire continued on down the BIG hill. As if the tire actually had a desire for destruction, rolled right toward a garage picking up a LOT of speed. BASH! The damn huge tire took out the corner of a garage! Shocked, the boys prayed it was the end of the tires hellish journey out of the school yard where it had belonged.But noooooo; the tire was not going to stop for a garage, it wanted an INTERSECTION! Ok, by this time, most of the boys had run away scared beyond all hell, but few remained frozen fixed on the tire of destruction.The tire rolled on, not much slower than it had before, right towards an intersection that was in use.The monstrous tire zipped through the intersection not touching a thing and rolled on out of view of the remaining boys and continued it's unknown road of destruction.

No little boys in sight now.

You know what? Stupidity is funny when no one gets hurt.Well, sometimes even when people get hurt, but anyways...those boys got a hell of a story to tell to their kids and that's exactly what they did.And wanna know what the funny thing is? They never told us not to play with the big tires......Hey Brent, you bored?