Today, while I was standing in my kitchen, a very strange and amazing thing happened to me. I was just standing there and all of a sudden I coughed. I have a cold, therefore I cough. Although coughing is a very ordinary and displeasing thing, something quite interesting resulted of this cough.

I looked down on my palm and found that I had coughed up a little surprise in my hand. It was pretty gross, so I decided to go out on my deck and swing my hand so the phlegm would come off my palm.

I stood by the railing and swung my hand. To my surprise, the little glob had decided to hang on and stretch out!(see picture)


I'm sure any normal person would then take a tissue or cloth of some sort and clean their hand off, but I was too impressed; it hung down over 12 inches! I was expecting it to fall off at any moment, but it hung in there like glue.

I was so sure of it's strength, I went back into my house and showed my mom. Her encouragement was sarcastic, but that's ok. She still loves me.

I walked into the computer room and took the pictures you see here now with my digital camera. It was a tough task, only having one arm. That's why they are blurry; hard to keep that camera still.

After taking the pictures, I wanted to get on the computer, but obviously I couldn't type if I had a foot long snot string hanging off my palm. I then went outside to get rid of it, but of course, I had to test it's strength one more time to see just how strong it was.

I started spinning in circles so centrifugal force would pull it outward. It stretched a bit more, but didn't break off. Then I started twisted my arm around and round. The 3rd time I had flipped my arm around, my little friend flew to the ground. He left a little of himself behind, which I wiped off with a tissue.

That was my adventure for October 5th.

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