The Happy Page
for the pie

Life is a hard thing to do. It can make you crazy like a fool or happy like clouds are. Being crazy is not a fun thing, so I made this page to stop the crazy. It will make your brain happy like sunshine. Anthony is happy with the sunshine.
                   elephant pants!

Cameron is also happy. He got a sandwich and just laughed till he was on the ground. His head would maybe come off if he laughed more!
                   yummy laugh

I was not happy... but then the ice cream man came and I heard the music, so I ran to him and got a Sponge Bob ice cream! I was like yeah! There was a boy behind me who was just jealous. I don't even know him.
                  who lives in a pineapple under the happy

Then my little brother Travis got happy and turned upside down!

Here I am just about to be happy. You know it's gonna go in. Nathan hopes I will miss it so he can win, but it doesn't even matter, because we'll be happy anyways.
                   come on come on

Oh my gosh! Anthony is happy, playing bass, and singing; all at the same time! What a platoon!

I was playing the drums and I got mooned! It was embarressing, but I was still happy. I hope this made you happy.
                  don't look!

The End

Tom DesLongchamp wrote this. Go to his website at