Riding A Mobile Recliner

One day in my life, not too long ago, my family got a FREE leather recliner from this old dude named Paul, because he keeps getting older. With the addition of the FREE chair, our old one had to go. I felt it was my duty to unite the recliner with a jogging stroller I had recently found. It was the beginning of the Mobile Recliner.

I could go on for hours (not really) explaining how I assembled the thing, but I'm not going to. Instead, I shall move on to the good stuff (how to ride).

The Mobile Recliner of Death

I wasn't sure what kind of poop this rig would pull, so I wanted to be protected. I buckled my super huge arctic pants and stuffed them with pillows. Packing foam was stuffed in the back of my colossal basketball coat. I had mismatched snow gloves, purple goggles and a skateboarding helmet. I was totally ready for the Mobile Recliner.
I'm buff and studdly

I don't believe that photos alone could express the true reality of Mobile Recliner   riding, so I'm leaving it to this video footage below, for your enjoyment. The sad reality is longer loading time, but sometimes the longest way, is the best way! Except in racing.

if the footage doesn't load,click here. It won't make much sense though.

Not The End (there is more after you watch the footage)

Tom DesLongchamp made this. Go to his website at tomthinks.com