Tom Visits the Hospital

The adventure started at the Puyallup skatepark. My friend Courtney of Grahm Land brought my other cronies and me there, because it is a place of fun.

I was so excited that I hopped onto the ramps even though they were soaked with rain water. I realized I shouldn't have when I slipped and fell flat on my back with my arm behind me as I hit (you do the math).

Medics came to make sure I didn't break my brain or my spine circuitry. My ribs felt wrong, so my cronies and Courtney of Grahm Land took me to the hospital.

When we got to the hospital, we found out we had to wait 73 million hours before they could help me. I sat in my new wheel chair as Anthony and Courtney of Grahm Land played with the magnified fish tank. Waiting at the hospital was not so fun for me.

When the doctors finally helped me, they put me in a gown and gave me a cool bracelet. I also got a bed that had wheels. I always wanted a racecar bed, but it was close enough.

Doctors are busy people, so they give you lots of time to play around while they're helping someone else. I got some purple rubber gloves that helped me pick my nose in a sanitary manner.

I even got "apple juice" for free! I was like yeah!

The doctor finally came and told me my rib was probably bruised or cracked. I said ok and they gave me a big shot of drugs in my hip! It hurt!

The doctors said the drugs had a bigger affect on me than they planned. I didn't really mind. I didn't mind anything at all.

I had a robot machine named Johnny 99 hooked up to my finger that told the doctors if I was alive or not.

When I got out of the hospital gown, I put on my clothes and went out to the lobby. My cronies got me McDonalds! They also got me a cool bib to protect me from all the food I'd drop from my heavily drugged body. My eyes didn't stay open very well, so they helped me walk too!

The End

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