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Interview on Spike Jonze's
Frederator Interview: Kid Show
Frederator Interview: Earl Boone Is Alive

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A few things I've made:
Cousins Episode 1 (Animation)
Edges (Animation)
You Cried Me (Animated Music Video)
Kid Show (Animation)
Ice King from Adventure Time Rides A Car Through Seattle (Video)
Earl Boone Is Alive (Animation)
Tarping (Video)
Sufjan Stevens' A Christmas Game (Video game)
About Dogs (Video)
Entries forThe Facebook Diaries (Video)
Teeth Care (Animation)
Float (Photos)
I Got A Flute (Song)
Regular Enterprize (Sketchbook)
Girl Ain't Preggers (Video game)
My two year old demo reel (video)
THE INDEX (includes all my work)
Say whatever

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